Avoid break ups by learning how to keep your man interested

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Sooner or later even the closest, loving and committed relationships can become stale and lifeless. Eventually most couples will go through rough patches where being together seems just too much trouble and thoughts of divorce can creep in. This doesn’t have to happen to you if you learn how to keep a man interested.

Make sure your spouse has a life of their own

The first thing to remember if you want to keep your spouse interested in you is that your other half actually might want to have a life of their own. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want a life with you but you must acknowledge that they have their own friends and interests just as you do. If you don’t have any then I suggest that you get some so that you too can have a life apart from your loved one too.

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Don’t become clingy because it will drive him away

Whatever you do don’t become clingy and dependant because this is a sure fire way to drive your partner away. If you make sure that you both have interesting lives apart as well as a fulfilling and satisfying life together then you’re far more likely to avoid break ups and stop your divorce before it happens.

Make yourself desirable

Always look your best. Get yourself in shape with regular visits to the gym and make sure that you make good use of the more seductive outfits in your wardrobe but don’t do it for him. This might sound a strange thing to say but you should make yourself look good for yourself and not for your man. Well not all the time anyway.

Make sure he sees you looking great

If you look good then you will feel good which will give you confidence. If your man sees you looking great when you leave in a happy mood for a night out with your friends then he is going to be more attracted to you than if you were to stay in with him every night. He’s going to be wondering what he’s missing.

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Author: Steve Gee

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