I don’t know why women breakup with men – How can I make her love me again

Get your love back with a system that works

To most men, women might as well come from Venus because they have absolutely no idea what makes them tick. Is it any surprise then that you don’t understand why women break up with men? Of course not and one thing is certain – women are different but they aren’t as difficult to understand as you might think if you just take the time to understand them.

Women don’t always say what they mean. “Oh what a surprise I hear you say”. They appear to contradict themselves don’t they? Before you really understand what a woman is saying to you, you have to start thinking like a woman because I’m sure it makes perfect sense to her. Her brain is wired slightly different to yours so you have to start seeing things her way. When you understand how women think you will be well on your way to understanding why women break up with men.

Do women ever say what they really mean? Here is an extreme example to illustrate

When a man cheats on a woman and your wife finds out it’s natural to think that that would be the end of the relationship with no going back. This isn’t true. If you look around you’ll find loads of examples of this happening and the couple get back together again. Sometimes after some time apart, others make up straight away. If this is the case then cheating may not be the root cause of the breakup. It’s just a catalyst for something deeper inside the woman that you can’t see. So what is it? What is the real reason why so many women breakup with their men?

What do you think that your wife would say to you if she found out that you had cheated on her?

  • “I can’t trust you anymore”
  • “You’re dirty”
  • “You’ve been unfaithful to me”

I bet that you could think of a lot more but are any of them the real reason? What is she really thinking? She probably doesn’t even know it herself.

What women want in a marriage – They want to be appreciated

First off lets look at what men want in a marriage. You want to be admired don’t you? You want your wife to look up to you as a strong and successful provider for her and your family. I think that most men feel this way because it’s the way that your brains are wired. It’s easy to think then that if you become a strong and successful provider that your woman will admire you for it. Well she might but are you giving her what she wants?

Women want to be appreciated. It’s simple and obvious and you probably do appreciate all the little things that she does for you but do you show it? I bet you don’t. It probably doesn’t occur to you that you need to not only tell her that she’s loved and wanted and even needed but you need to show it too.

When a women stops feeling appreciated thats when they will leave you

Women are complicated but they are worth taking the time and trouble to understand how they work and how they think. If you want to get back with your Ex. take a step back, think out of the box and into your woman’s head to find out why women breakup with men. When you truly understand this secret you will be on your way to making up.

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